Our Services

Brief Development

developing a brief is the starting phase of your home design process. We take the time to sit and discuss with you your vision for your new home or renovation. The spaces you want to create. The feel that you want within your home. Your likes and dislikes about your current home. Who will be living in the space with you. The styles of homes you are drawn to. The design budget. We discuss everything and anything that will affect your decisions in moving forward. The design brief isn’t fixed it is an ever developing discussion that may change and emerge over time. The idea is that I get a feel for what you are wanting to achieve in your home to help me to commence the concept design.

Concept Design 

this is where I put pen to paper (or mouse). In this stage I begin developing up a number of concepts for you to review and consider. Typically I prepare clients with three different options, some options may be completely different or may have slight variations. The objective is to give you a number of different scenarios to consider. If you have given me a sketch of an idea you have developed yourself I will develop this up as part of the three options so you can also consider this. Following the preparation of the concepts I will meet with you again to discuss the concepts, my ideas and answer any initial questions you might have. I then leave these sketches with you to allow you to “sleep on it” and consider all the possibilities. From there we then continue discussing your thoughts and the possibilities and will make changes to the concepts to achieve a design that you are happy with. Our designs are generated on an architectural drafting program called ArchiCAD, this program allows us to create internal and external perspectives to also help you to visual the final product. Once you have a design you are 110% happy with we then can assist you in arranging some preliminary prices to ensure we meet your budget requirements.

Design Development

Once you have a final concept selected and the project is within the budget we develop the drawings in preparation for approval. Depending on the type of project and the extent of the work approval can happen in two ways via Development Application with your local council or by Complying Development with a private certifier or council.  As part of the service we provide our clients we prepare all the documentation for submission i.e. Statement of Environmental Effects, basic Bushfire Assessments, BASIX Certificates, Variation to the Development Control Plan etc. and if we don’t personally prepare it we have a number of consultants we regularly use that can also assist. Once the design has been developed it is submitted to council/private certifier for assessment and approval.

Working/Construction Drawings

in this stage we develop your drawings even further than the previous stage. We add in the extra details for construction and additional notes to ensure that the building process progresses smoothly.

We also offer a number of additional services so if what you are after isn’t mentioned above please contact us to discuss.