Are you a registered architect?

No I am not (not yet anyhow). I have completed the first degree for architecture and I am in the final stages of the Master of Architecture (it has taken a little longer with the juggle between work and family). I hope to complete my Masters in the coming months and look towards the registration process.

How much do you charge?

This is the first question everyone asks. The cost of our services is based on a variety of different factors – how big or complex is your project? Is it a new home or a renovation? Are there any additional technical items that will need to be considered i.e. slope of the site, bushfire zone, etc? Will your project meet the requirements of complying development? Will your project require extra justification to council? What services do you require – do you just need plans or do you require statements and assistance with council? Every home and every project is different and therefore so is our pricing. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to allow us to discuss your project and your initial ideas from here we are able to establish a fee for your project and provide you with a fee proposal outlining the inclusions and exclusions for you to consider.

Do we need a project budget?

Yes it is advisable. It doesn’t have to be set in concrete but having an idea of how much you can invest into your home will help us to ensure that our designs are suitable and possible for you to move forward.

Do you know any builders?

Of course we do. We work with a number of builders throughout the area each suited to different projects. We are more than happy to make a recommendation for your project.

What is a mobile service?

A mobile service means we come to you. In order to design your new home or your renovation we need to know about you and the people who will live in your home, we need to know your likes and dislikes and how you want to live in the space. By coming to meet you at your home we are able to get a glimpse into your world which allows us to design something that will suit you. By being a mobile service we offer flexibility – we can come to you at a time that suits you, whether that is during the day, of an evening or even of a weekend. We understand you have commitments so do our best to work around you.

We have a floor plan in mind, can you help us?

Absolutely! Many of clients come to us with a sketch or diagram of plan they are considering, it doesn’t have to be a fully drafted idea either we have had sketches given to us by clients on serviettes or on the back of the Wheatbix box. The rougher the better. As part of our service we will draft up this design to allow you to consider this option as well